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Following is a section on Frequency Modulated Amateur Television.
Some of the links are to articles which I (WB9OQM) had written and were published in Amateur Television Quarterly (ATVQ) back in the 1990's, and a couple in 'QST' back in the 1970's.

'Comments on Commercial FM TV Standards as Applied to Amateur Operations' which appeared in ATVQ - Winter 1994 and

'Calibrate Your FM TV Receiver to Measure Video Deviation' which appeared in ATVQ - Spring 1994.

Also, here is a letter 'More on Video Preemphasis and Deviation Calibration' which I had written to Bill Parker (W8DMR) concerning an article of his which was published in ATVQ - Fall 1998.

'Low Frequency Test Tone FM TV Deviation Calibration' and a note on intermodulation.

'Estimate the Audio Deviation on a RF Subcarrier' Using an oscilloscope

'Calculate AB Amplifier Operating Parameters' for making Linear Power Amplifier adjustments for better linearity and efficiency.

Also, see 'QST' of October 1974 , 'Hints and Kinks' column for an article on using spent shotgun shells for plug-in coil forms.

Another 'QST' article, in the February 1977 issue, is 'Inexpensive Traps for Wire Antennas'. This article describes a pioneering use of coaxal cable in place of high voltage capacitors. This article has been a reference in the 'ARRL Antenna Book' for many years.

Volunteer Wanted: Someone in Geneva, Switzerland who can go to the International Telecommunication Union library and get the references from the original 'CCIR Recomendation 405'. The current 'CCIR Recomendation 405-1' does not carry those references.


'Computer Programs for Celestial Navigation' Find your actual position (AP) without plotting on a chart or map. Enter the geographical position (GP) of two heavenly bodies, and their sextant co-altitudes and get the two intersections of the two 'circles of equal altitude' (LOP).

'Computer Programs for Calculating Sun Rise and Sun Set Times' These programs were written approx twenty-five years ago. They were written in the PASCAL language to run under Microsoft DOS. You can run them in a Windows 'command prompt' or under UNIX or Linux in a DOS emulator. .

'Go here ' for stories of Arctic Bush Flying and a Polar Bear Hunt Gone Wrong

Following are links to some photo essays:

'The Story of a Leaky New Roof' A Roofing Contractor Review

'The View from the Engineering Department' Television transmission related

'Wood Treating Plants' photo tour.

'Rosebud Battlefield State Park' photo tour of March 2009.

'Rosebud Battlefield State Park Fire' photo tour after wildfire of August 2013.

'Whitewood Valley', the Black Hills, and Colorado Rockies Aerial Tour.

'B-17 Slurry Bomber', and related photos.

'My Housemate' Ashly Elaine.

'Frenchy's Family' who also once were my housemates.

'Roberta Rose and Tandrea Dare' who once were my adopted family.

'Tiffany's Birthday' and Other Msc Saturday Night Pictures.

GO HERE for photos of 2011 halloween in Sheridan, Wyoming.

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GO HERE for St. Patty's Photos in Sheridan, Wyoming - 2013.


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