Roberta Rose and Tandrea Dare

by J. R. Mathison

March 2011

Sacramento California, approx 1967

Roberta Rose K. aka 'Bobby' or 'Bobby Rose' approx 19 yrs old.

This picture was taken while she was in a 'college of cosmetology' before I met her.
Note the 'flip' hair style popular in that time.

Ft. Collins, Colorado, November 1971

Bobby Rose in the Poudre Valley Memorial hospital in Ft. Collins.

I took this picture approx two months after we met.

In the four years from the above picture, Bobby had gotten married and had a baby daughter - and her husband had disappeared to no one knew where!

Whitewood, South Dakota, January 1972

Bud and Bobby

During Bobby's starting recovery from the illness, we made a trip to Bud's parents home in South Dakota. Baby daughter stayed home with grandma in Loveland, Colorado.

Loveland, Colorado, April 1972

Tandrea Dare K. aka Tandy

I had taken on the task of helping Bobby and her daughter while Bobby recovered from her illness. This proved to be a major heartbreaking undertaking over the years BUT I could not walk away - I had came to love this little one too much - shown here on her third birthday.

Ft. Collins, Colorado, April 1972

Bobby Rose and Tandy sewing at the kitchen table.
Learning to sew and cook was part of the recovery therapy.

Harrison Rd, Murphysboro, Illinois, December 1973

Bobby and Tandy and Bud.

Bud's work as a buyer and inspector of wood products takes this little family to Southern Illinios.

Our smiles had faded due to grandma's many tries to take a picture which she liked!

Harrison Rd, Murphysboro, Illinois, April 1, 1974

Tandy's fifth birthday party.
We did have a house-full!

Harrison Rd, Murphysboro, Illinois, April 1, 1974

Tandy's fifth birthday party.
Oh! What a wonderful time was had by all - especially Tandy!

Harrison Rd, Murphysboro, Illinois, Christmas 1974

Tandy with Bobby holding puppy Tippey.
Sant Claus was really good to someone!

Harrison Rd, Murphysboro, Illinois, January 1975

Our little familly on Bobby's birthday.

Grand Tower Park, Southern Illinois, September 1975

Tandy on the old steam locomotive.

Bobby's ex-husband had arrived on the scene in January 1975 after the above picture was taken. He wanted to help raise his daughter so He and Bobby and Tandy went to live in Texas.
After eight months Bobby and Tandy came back to live with me again in Murphysboro, Illinois. This photo was taken on our first outing after their return.

Harrison Rd, Murphysboro, Illinois, January 10, 1976

Bud and Bobby on her birthday.
Bobby had lost a lot of weight and there were signs that her illness was returning. Bobby and Tandy left Southern Illinois and went back to Loveland, Colorado to live without me.

Canon City, Colorado, September 1976

Roberta Rose K.
Picture taken on one of my visits from Southern Illinois.

Loveland, Colorado, August 1978

Tandy at rear, left, and friends from their apartment complex on a hot August day.

Picture taken on one of my visits from Southern Illinois.

Loveland, Colorado, approx 1980 or 1981

Tandra Dare K. on the day of her confirmation into the Episcopal Church

This photo is from a print sent to me by Bobby.



Bobby's illness had taken its toll and Bobby passed away in the Spring of 1984. Bobby's Last Will had left to me her daughter!
I went to Colorado to get Tandy and brought her home with me to Sheridan, Wyoming where I had moved in 1981.

Sheridan, Wyoming, School year 1984-1985

Tandrea Dare K.
School Photo. At first, it seemed that Tandy would adjust OK to the loss of her mother, but that proved wrong.

Wyoming Girls School, Sheridan, Wyoming, February 1987

Tandy's years spent with her ill mother had taken it's toll too.
The Wyoming Girls School was the place to learn to cope with life's major injustices!

This is a picture of those in Tandy's dorm upon her graduation.
Tandy is in the second row at far right.

Wyoming Girls School, Sheridan, Wyoming, February 1987

Bud and Tandy at her graduation from the Wyoming Girls School.

Tandy went on to the Job Corps at Nemo, South Dakota where she met her future husband. They were married July 7, 1987.

Bucking Mule Falls, Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming, August 1987

Tandrea Dare K.
Tandy came home for a visit while awaiting her husband's return from the Navy.

This picture was taken during one of our many hikes in the Bighorn Mountains. The waterfall at center of picture looks so small BUT in reality it is large and one-half mile away from us at the edge of cliffs above The Devil's Canyon.


Tandy went on to have three children of her own, then become divorced. She is now 42 yrs old, living in Texas, and helping raise her grandkids - her oldest son's children.
I am now 'grandpa Bud'. Am rather proud as I have no natural children!

Update as of February 2014

Tandrea Dare K. passed away in her sleep the morning of February 11, 2014, of a heart attack, at the age of fourty-four. Tandy leaves a husband, three children, step children, grandchildren, and step grandchildren - and her foster dad.

Tandy had inherited her mother's mental and psysical problems and is now free of pain. We had always assumed that her life would not be long. She got eight years more out of it than did her mother. Rest in peace, my child!

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