Ashly Elaine Photos

Photos and text by J. R. Mathison

Summer 2009

Last change 1-14-10

Ashly Elaine puttering about in PJs in her room.


At the time of these photos, AEF was 26 years old. A year earlier, she had been in a marriage which was falling apart. She had planned to return to Kentucky to live with her mother, but her mother suddenly passed away in September of 2007 and her dad was killed less than a month later in October of 2007.

Ashly Elaine standing in our 'workshop'.
This is a photo which I took using her cellphone.


By late summer of 2008, AEF's marriage was not salvagable and with her parents both dead and nowhere for her to go she came to stay with me.

A self portrait of AEF sitting in her car taken from her cellphone.

Another self portrait of AEF from her cellphone.


Ashly Elaine was a college student studying 'Criminal Justice' at Sheridan College.

A portrait of AEF.


Ashly Elaine is also interested in Art and is a good artist, and also interestid in Fashion and clothing - and makeup.

So ... she got a part time job in an upscale clothing store.

AEF on the phone.


Working at a nice clothing store is cause for celebration such as buying this nice new dress. Working at a nice clothing store is also cause to buy lots of nice new clothes for ones own self!

AEF first time ever in high heels in her 26 years of life!


Ashly Elaine and the other ladies who worked at the store traded outfits among themselves. These shoes are on loan to go with another borrowed dress.

AEF is not much into domestic chores so I did all the cooking. I tried hard to put a few more pounds on her petite frame but with no luck. She will retain her beautiful figure for many more years.

A favorite portrait of AEF. .

Ashly Elaine has naturally curly hair. Such a beautiful mop of red!

AEF in our kitchen with our 'workshop' in the background.


In one of her "in" tee shirts.

AEF standing in front of our fridge. One of my favorite photos.


In a nice new top of her very own.

AEF talking on the phone.


In another beautiful new dress of her very own.

AEF standing in our kitchen with the south hallway in the background.


Ashly Elaine in a new top and jacket which she bought at the store where she worked.

A new long skirt and a new green top plus a yellow one.


Note the straightened hair. Ashly Elaine did not appreciate her beautiful curls as much as I do. She would spend an hour straightening her hair and in one-half hour in our swamp-cooler cooled house her hair would revert back to curly! Hair straightening had to be the last operation before leaving the house!

Ashly Elaine standing by the gate to our yard before heading out to work.


In another new outfit including her purse. I bought a new wallet for her to match the new purse. The coat was hers before she went to work at the clothing store.


Ashly Elaine is one of my all time favorite 'sort-of-adopted' daughters - or granddaughters. I hope we can maintain a father - daughter association for a long long time!